yellow warbler

Canada is home to millions of migrating birds that return to our lakes and forests each spring to nest and reproduce. Our vast country is also home to over 400 species that live here year round, coping with our harsh winters and deep snow cover.

If you’re a birdwatcher, be sure and check out the multi-author blog Bird Canada. Birders from across the country write monthly posts about the birds of Canada, and their photographs are stunning! There is also a lot of information on the blog about birding in various provinces.

Learn more about Canadian birds on the following pages:

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  1. kathy kohinsky

    I use to live in the south of alberta. and seen many wild turkeys in the area of pincher creek ab. now I live in the northern part of ab. my question is: are there wild turkeys in northern alberta like fort macrray and lac la biche area??

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