Reptiles and amphibians are vastly under-appreciated by the human race.

Without these insect and mice eating animals, we would be knee deep in pests. Amphibians and reptiles are disappearing at astonishing rates, and they are deserving of our respect and protection.  We’ve always had a soft spot for frogs, and spent many happy childhood hours laying on our stomachs watching tadpoles, which is something every child should get the chance to do. We’re also very partial to lizards, hence the beautiful iguana t shirt!

Wild animal t shirts featuring these creatures are hard to find, so we’re very proud to carry frog and lizard t shirts.

frog t shirt



Red-eyed Frog T Shirt – Two pairs of red amphibian eyes are peeking out of a full size print on the front of this deep blue t shirt. 100% preshrunk cotton. Adult sizes M, L, XL. Item HT005.$19.95 Cdn.



lizard t shirt


Lizard T Shirt – A magnificent green iguana covers the front of this black t shirt. A sure hit with reptile fans, and a gorgeous lizard t shirt! 100% preshrunk cotton. Adult sizes, M, L, XL. Item RT002. $19.95 Cdn.



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