317px-Polar_Bear_2004-11-15We live in a very, very big country! In addition to all the amphibians (49 species), reptiles (35 species) and mammals (195 species) that live here year round, there are the birds.

Canada has over 400 species of birds that do not migrate, suffering through our harsh winters just like the people. In addition, millions of birds return to Canada in the spring to reproduce, bringing more life to our boreal forest and grasslands.

It would be impossible to detail this wealth of wildlife on our website, but we the following pages should give you a good start:

Birds of Canada – links to a complete list of Canadian birds, endangered birds, owls of Canada, winter birds and bird migration.

Mammals of Canada – links to a complete list of Canadian mammals, endangered mammals, cougar and bear safety tips

Amphibians of Canada – how these delicate creatures survive our winters, complete list of amphibians by province

Reptiles of Canada – how they survive our winters, garter snakes of Canada, lizards of Canada, complete list of reptiles by province

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