gray wolf canis lupusIt may be safe to say the mammals of Canada such as wolves, bears, moose and beaver are the most well known symbols of our country. There are 195 species of mammal in Canada, from the pygmy shrew to the mighty polar bear.

To learn more about Canadian mammals, follow the links below

Canadian Mammal List

Endangered Mammals of Canada

We also have pages on the animals to watch out for when you’re hiking or walking the trails – cougar, bears and large herbivores such as moose, elk and bison.

Bear Safety Tips

Cougar Safety Tips

Moose, Elk & Bison Safety Tips

Remember any cornered animal left with no escape route is likely to attack, even if it’s a tiny squirrel. While you’re thinking “oh how cute” they can be latching onto your finger with their teeth – the same teeth they use to break open hard shelled nuts. (Speaking from personal experience…and it was a chipmunk).


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