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Nova Scotia has two national parks – one on the coast and one in the interior.

Cape Breton Highlands Park is home to the famous Cabot Trail, adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Kejimkujik National Park is the only inland national park in the Maritimes.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park – The headlands and cliffs of Cape Breton Highland tower over the rich, natural heritage that is all around.

Home to the famous Cabot Trail, the land is blessed with spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and a human history that stretches back to the last Ice Age. The park offers many accessible treasures and experiences remarkable in their diversity, beauty, and wonder.

Kejimkujik National Park – Kejimkujik, the only inland national park of Canada in the Maritimes, features abundant lakes and rivers ideal for canoeing. The lush woodlands and gently rolling landscapes are home to a variety of wildlife. Visitors will find historic canoe routes, portages and many beautiful hiking trails in the park.