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So you think you know Canada’s wild species? We’ve written some really tough trivia questions dealing with Canadian birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. If you’re stumped, email us for the answers at

Canadian Bird Trivia

1. Which bird is the slowest flier in the world?

2. Which bird builds such small nests the eggs are deposited in layers?

3. Which bird is completely encased in feathers from beak to its toes?

4. Which Canadian bird species dives the deepest?

5. What species is estimated to be the most numerous in the world?

6. Which bird was the official emblem of the Roman Army?

7. Which species consumes the most ants?

8. What is the fastest declining bird species?

9. Who was Mother Goose?

10. What was the first domesticated bird species?

Canadian Mammal Trivia

1. Which mammal sings the longest and most complicated songs of any mammal?

2. Which mammal has the longest ears in proportion to body length than any other bat species?

3. Which mammal has a prolonged, high=pitched vocalization made in a position resembling a howling wolf?

4. Which mammal is known to kick sand in the face of predators to escape?

5. Which mammal makes more use of tools than any other animal outside the Primate family?

6. Which mammal travels over a larger home range than any other?

7. Which mammal is the most widespread carnivore in the Western Hemisphere?

8. Which mammal can climb trees at one month of age, even though it spends almost all it’s time on the ground?

9. Which mammal has the shortest lactation period of any mammal?

10. Which mammal is very important to the germination and proper growth of forest vegetation?

11. Which mammal is the tiniest in North America?

12. Which mammal drums it’s tail on the ground when frightened?

13. Which mammal is thought to have evolved in tandem with the ancestors of the cheetah?

Canadian Reptile & Amphibian Trivia

1. What is Canada’s largest snake?

2. Which snake was once thought to have poisonous breath?

3. Which lizard squirts blood from its eyes?

4. What is the only skink species found in Ontario?

5. What turtle can weigh up to 22 kg?

6. Which turtle is known to climb chain link fences?

7. Which frog smells like onions?

8. Which frog is poisonous?

9. Which salamander lays poisonous eggs?

10. Which salamander is threatened by cranberries?

Canadian Fish Trivia

1. Which fish species is known for their hyperactive behaviour?

2. Which species has poisonous eggs?

3. Which fish families make sounds?

4. Which species are able to travel overland using snake-like movements?

5. Which species is known as the ‘water wolf,’ and why?

6. Which species can be used as a candle when dried and a wick placed in the mouth?

7. Which species’ swimbladder is used by man?

8. What colour are sturgeon eggs (caviar)?

9. What do fireflies and some fish species have in common?

10. Which fish species use bait to catch their prey?